Natatanging gawain sa makrong kasanayan sa pagsulat

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 2

Available Online:  16 May 2023


Porlas, Ana Aubrey
Cebu Technological University-Carmen Campus, Philippines (


The lack of vocabulary, coherence, and cohesion of ideas, aside from the challenges of correct usage of words or grammar, cause the decline of the competency levels in writing. This served as the basis to conduct a study which aimed to assess the competency levels of writing of the Senior High School K-11 students of the CTU-Carmen in the province of Cebu, 2018-2019, as the basis of designing the specific writing activities. The study specifically assessed the macro-skill levels of the students in terms of the elements of writing using multimedia according to organization and cohesion, word choice, correctness, and content. Competency levels in terms of the use of the Outcomes-Based Education through the multimedia, and its correlation to the writing skills have also been assessed. The study utilized a descriptive design to strengthen it. Relevant questionnaires were formulated from pre-existing studies. Statistical processing involved average weighted mean and simple linear regression. Findings revealed that the respondents have very high performance on the use of the OBE using the multimedia in terms of organization and cohesion and even in content, they also have a high performance in terms of word choice and correctness. Results further revealed that the respondents strongly agree for the use of the multimedia while there was a fair correlation of the use of the OBE however, it is disregarded as relevant. Based on the findings are the conclusions that there is a significant impact on the use of the multimedia for skill enhancement in writing through the OBE. It is recommended that the output specifically designed for the writing activities serve as a guide on writing lessons using the multimedia.

Keywords: pagtuturo sa Filipino, makrong kasanayan sa pagsulat, deskriptibo, Cebu, Philippines



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Porlas, A. A. (2023). Natatanging gawain sa makrong kasanayan sa pagsulat. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(2), 99-104.