Film and student viewers: An awareness campaign for Filipino historical films

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 3

Available Online:  18 April 2023


Lao, Yolanda*
Northwestern University, Philippines (

Andres, Alyanna Blanca
Northwestern University, Philippines

Caacbay, Kayelene
Northwestern University, Philippines

Espirit, Bryan Xandix
Northwestern University, Philippines


Movies had been a form of entertainment ever since it was established as form of media arts. There are several reasons why people watch movies, it could be a form or escape, for self-development for pure entertainment. There are different kinds or movie or film- genres, this includes actions, adventures, suspense, supernatural, magical, fictional and futuristic as well as romance and thriller, and rarely produce historical film. Thus, this study was conducted that aimed to determine the level of awareness of Northwestern University students on the Filipino historical films. Specifically, for the following objectives: (1) To determine the level of awareness of students towards the existence of Filipino historical films; (2) To know the level of perception of students on the relevance of Filipino historical films; (3) determine the genres the students are interested and (4) to developed to promote Filipino historical films. A quantitative-qualitative methodology was employed to determine the level of awareness and perception of the Northwestern University students on Filipino Historical Films. Data was gathered through a guided survey questionnaire. Based on the results, the respondents were aware on the existence of Filipino Historical Films, however to make them fully aware of it and for them to become more interested to it, the researchers conducted a film viewing activity featuring Filipino Historical film as campaign and desired output of the study.

Keywords: film, historical film, awareness campaign, film-genre, Filipino film



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Lao, Y., Andres, A. B., Caacbay, K., & Espirit, B. X. (2023). Film and student viewers: An awareness campaign for Filipino historical films. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(3), 123-128.

* Corresponding Author