Issues and challenges of online learning at the elementary level of basic education department of Northwestern University

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 3

Available Online:  18 April 2023


Abes, Marilette
Northwestern University, Philippines

Alonzo, Mario*
Northwestern University, Philippines (

Abelinde, Donnabelle
Northwestern University, Philippines

Agullana, Sheryl
Northwestern University, Philippines

Bacud, Mae Anne
Northwestern University, Philippines

Abel, Jane
Northwestern University, Philippines

Carbonell, Ma. Teresa Lourdes L.
Northwestern University, Philippines


The study primarily aimed to identify the Issues and Challenges of Online Learning at the Elementary Level of Basic Education Department of Northwestern University. Specifically, it sought to answer the following: 1) What is the Profile of the Respondents as to: Age; Gender; Grade Level; Device used for Online Learning; Availability of Internet; and Hours of using computer per week. 2) What are the Attitudes of the respondents toward Online Learning? 3) What Issues and Challenges encountered by the pupils in using online learning? This study included Grade IV, Grade V, and Grade VI pupils of Northwestern University. It is a Quantitative-Descriptive research which aimed to determine the issues and challenges of online learning in the elementary grades. The survey questionnaires were used thru google form. We seek permission to the Principal of Elementary Department, accompanied by a letter of request duly signed by the dean of the College of Teacher Education, Northwestern University, Laoag City. We sent to the advisers of the respondents the materials they are going to give to them. The data collected were classified according to frequency and percentage to analyze the profile of the respondents while weighted mean for the remaining problems. Along the first part of the data gathered, profile of the respondents, majority of the respondents came from the Grade V pupils followed by the Grade IV pupils and Grade VI is the least. It also shows that out of 50 respondents, there are 27 males and 23 females. On the attitudes of the pupils towards online learning, majority of the respondents answered agree, slow internet connectivity is a problem of learning. It indicates that the slow internet has become the risks for the pupils in their online learning. Besides, online learning activities are interactive, based from the pupils they are strongly agree with this. And in the issues and challenges in using online learning, having poor connection of internet is the most encountered problems among the issues and challenges of online learning.

Keywords: online learning, internet, attitudes, issues, blended learning



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Abes, M., Alonzo, M., Abelinde, D., Agullana, S., Bacud, M. A., Abel, J., & Carbonell, M. T. L. L. (2023). Issues and challenges of online learning at the elementary level of basic education department of Northwestern University. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(3), 67-80.

* Corresponding Author