Involvement of faculty, staff and students in community extension services programs: An analysis

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 3

Available Online:  18 April 2023


Pilar, Elsie C.*
Northwestern University, Philippines (

Utleg, Flordelina
Northwestern University, Philippines


This study sought to find out the reasons of faculty and students in participating community extension services, the extent of participation in the program/ project/activities and the problems encountered in the implementation of the community extension services. The data needed in the study were gathered through the use of two sets of questionnaires: questionnaire for faculty and questionnaire for students. The respondents were all the faculty and 4th year students of College of Criminal Justice Education, School Year 2014-2015. The study used the descriptive survey instrument and the data gathered was analyzed statistically through the use of frequencies and percentages. The results of the study showed that the main five (5) main reasons of the faculty in participating community extension services are to “realize the Vision-Mission of NWU”, “brings people together”, “brings learning beyond the classroom”, “help to augment the income of the families through livelihood program” and “establish close relationship with target barangays” while the students, “requirement for accreditation” was their main reason. Faculty from the College of Criminal Justice was actively participating in the extension programs, projects and activities of the different key area programs of extension, however students focused merely on their field of specialization which is on “crime prevention” and “martial arts and disarming techniques training”. The main problem of the faculty encountered during the implementation of the community service was “community extension fund is limited” while the students, the problem on “community”.

Keywords: community extension program, involvement of faculty and students



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Pilar, E. C., & Utleg, F. (2023). Involvement of faculty, staff and students in community extension services programs: An analysis. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(3), 29-51.

* Corresponding Author