Pantawid pamilyang Pilipino program: An assessment

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 3

Available Online:  18 April 2023


Salva, Macario
Northwestern University, Philippines

Ganir, Florence D.
Northwestern University, Philippines

Lacanilao, Rose Bella T.*
Northwestern University, Philippines (

Simon, Jenny Royze D.
Northwestern University, Philippines

Torres, George Dan B.
Northwestern University, Philippines

Yadao, Ma. Elaine Grace P.
Northwestern University, Philippines

Calimag, Vincent Paul M.
Northwestern University, Philippines


The study aimed to assess the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. Specifically, it attempted to identify the level of implementation and perceived impact of this program as perceived by the respondent household-beneficiaries of Barangay 21 San Agustin San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. The problem looked into the profile of the respondent household-beneficiaries, the level of implementation of the said program in terms of the provision of the program particularly the objectives, eligibility, conditionalities, cash grants and forfeiture of the grants. For the perceived impact, it particularly looked into the aspects like healthcare condition, educational condition, and overall economic condition, reasonability of the grants and sufficiency of the grants. The study adopted the descriptive research design and used a questionnaire in gathering data to determine the level of implementation as well as the perceived impact of this program. The study revealed that majority of the respondent-household beneficiaries perceived that the objectives, eligibility of beneficiaries, conditionalities of the program, and forfeiture of grants, are fully implemented. As to the impact, respondent-household beneficiaries strongly agree that the program has an impact on their health, educational, and overall economic conditions. Further, they strongly agree that the conditionalities are reasonably implemented. However, they disagree as to the sufficiency of the grants.

Keywords: Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, 4Ps, healthcare condition, educational condition, impact



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Salva, M., Ganir, F. D., Lacanilao, R. B. T., Simon, J. R. D., Torres, G. D. B., Yadao, M. E. G. P., & Calimag, V. P. M. (2023). Pantawid pamilyang Pilipino program: An assessment. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(3), 1-16.

* Corresponding Author