Mga pamahiin sa isang S and T na komunidad: Sipat-siyasat sa karanasan ng mga mag-aaral sa isang science high school

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 14
Special IJRSE Luminary Issue

Available Online:  20 October 2022


Galdonez, Dominic Patric*
Philippine Science High School-Ilocos Region Campus, Philippines (

Licay, Wilmar Jansen
Segura, Eriquessen Jorja
Buscaino, Sherry Heart
Layaoen, Hrizha Althea
Santos, Makyla Danielle


There may be a lot of differences in the beliefs of Filipinos, but superstitions play a big role in their everyday lives. However, in the modern and present day, due to the influence of the continuous innovations and development of science and technology, this influence is on the brink of extinction, especially for the younger generation. Hence, this study aimed to investigate the superstitions that are known and presently being practiced by students, the reasons, and factors why they still believe in superstitions, and its implications in their personal lives, society, and culture. The qualitative approach, specifically the narrative research design was used to analyze the gathered data. Results show that many students still believe and practice superstitions despite being in a science high school.  Furthermore, the superstitions that students believe the most are the superstitions on death, birthdays, and weddings. Meanwhile, they don’t strongly believe in superstitions about agriculture. The main factors that affect beliefs are one’s family, especially grandparents, parents, and other relatives. It was also known that social media is also a factor that affects one’s belief and it contradicts with other studies, where science and technology don’t pose a threat on the belief in superstitions. Other than that, it was derived from the data that superstitions have positive and negative implications on one’s personal life, the community, and the Filipino culture. Thus, superstitions continue to prevail in modern society, regardless of concrete evidence to prove its claims. These beliefs are considered as legacy from ancestors as well as they will continuously shape citizens.

Keywords: superstitions, science high school, beliefs, implications



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Galdonez, D. P., Licay, W. J., Segura, E. J., Buscaino, S. H., Layaoen, H. A., & Santos, M. D. (2022). Mga pamahiin sa isang S and T na komunidad: Sipat-siyasat sa karanasan ng mga mag-aaral sa isang science high school. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(14), 1-15.

* Corresponding Author