Online teaching challenges confronting private higher education institution teachers in Central Philippines

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 11
Special IJRSE Luminary Issue

Available Online:  15 April 2022


Pariscal, Dyna Rose
Silay Institute, Incorporated, Philippines (


Educators amidst the pandemic have to be adaptive to the current educational trends in a very short time. For certain reasons, they experience difficulty as much as students do. In fact, as prime movers of education recovery, the sudden transition from face-to-face to online distance learning can be more demanding in their end as they are the facilitators of the teaching and learning process. However, present studies about education in the time of pandemic tend to focus more on students’ experiences and perspectives. Hence, the purpose of the present study entitled, “Online Teaching Challenges Confronting Private Higher Education Institution Teachers in Central Philippines” is to vividly describe the online teaching challenges encountered by the college faculty members of a medium-sized private institution in Central Philippines during the Academic Year 2020-2021. It also sought to determine the intervention initiatives by the school to bridge the gap for the struggling teachers. This study is aimed at examining these challenges in great detail using the descriptive qualitative method through a series of interviews and observations. After a rigorous process of coding and recoding, four primary themes emerged in the findings: Resources, Student Behavior, Technical skill, and Instructional Modes of Delivery. Nevertheless, school intervention programs played a significant role in the teaching-learning continuity by providing free learning management systems (LMS) and technical skills training to equip the teachers. The findings of this research will be valuable to the members of the academe as the world continues to venture towards the new normal in education.

Keywords: distance learning, learning modalities, online teaching, learning management system, school intervention



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