Senior high school students’ self-assessment of employability skills proficiency: An exploratory study

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 9
Special IJRSE Luminary Issue

Available Online:  15 April 2022


Roxas, Mark Joshua D.
University of Perpetual Help – Molino Campus, Philippines (


To meet the demands of globalization, different countries revolutionized education curricula that aim to produce competent graduates who possess functional, technical, and work-related skills. In the Philippines, the Department of Education instigated the “K-12 Curriculum” to develop individuals who are prepared for tertiary education, entrepreneurship, and employment. Senior High School (SHS) graduates are expected to acquire employability skills required in the field of work. Thus, this descriptive-quantitative study explored the SHS students’ perceived employability skills proficiency. Data were gathered by adapting and administering Orji’s (2013) Student Employability Skills Questionnaire (SESQ) to 100 conveniently selected Grade 12 students. Data were analyzed using Descriptive Statistics (Mean). Results revealed that the students’ perceived employability skills proficiency ranges from moderate to high. Information and Communications Technology skills garnered the highest rank (x̄ = 3.39 – High Level of Proficiency) while Planning skills obtained the lowest rank (x̄ = 2.65 – Moderate Level of Proficiency). In terms of specific skills, “Learning from mistakes and accepting feedback” had the highest rating (x̄ = 3.53 – High Level of Proficiency) while “Solving real-life concepts using Math and Science concepts” obtained the lowest rating (x̄ = 2.28 – Low Level of Proficiency). It was recommended that teachers, administrators, and curriculum planners shall continue devising approaches and strategies to scaffold the senior high school students’ work-related skills. Schools should aim for a high level of proficiency in all areas of employability skills. This would ensure that the basic education graduates are fit for the field of work.

Keywords: employability skills, senior high school, descriptive-quantitative, exploratory, K-12 curriculum



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Roxas, M. J. D. (2022). Senior high school students’ self-assessment of employability skills proficiency: An exploratory study. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(9), 7-14.