Priming the college guidance counseling program thru “On-line Kumustahan” amidst pandemic

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 9
Special IJRSE Luminary Issue

Available Online:  15 April 2022


Fernandez, Joy Dee*
University of Rizal System, Philippines (

Fernandez, Rizalina R.
University of Rizal System, Philippines (


The coronavirus outbreak caused a major interference to colleges and universities across all countries in the world. Cancellation of face to face classes and moving to simulated online classes as medium of instruction in teaching and learning was found to be one, if not the best solution to cope up with the sudden change in educational scenario. The pandemic also pointedly changes almost every phases of college life, from admission, enrollment, and collegiate activities including all aspects pertaining to student service particularly, the guidance services. Uncertainty continuously surrounds students as the pandemic continues. The future of education is still at stake. Many stressors and fears bother the school and its stakeholders all the way. Fortunately, there exists support for students, staff and parents for they learn the benefits of mindfulness in time of crisis. Mindfulness practices help to control anxiety making things manageable despite unpleasant conditions. Counseling methods help students connect with others, fine-tune their thinking and beliefs, become more hopeful and flexible, practice self-care, attend to the spiritual dimension of life or promote self-compassion bolster suppleness despite changing conditions brought by pandemic. The study is important because it will open an avenue to deliver counseling program in schools in order to assist individual students to develop their abilities to understand themselves better, guide them in solving their own problems and to propose and apply early interventions, favorable solutions and promote adjustments to their environment.

Keywords: online kamustahan, google meet, students, teachers, mental health



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Fernandez, J. D., & Fernandez, R. R. (2022). Priming the college guidance counseling program thru “On-line Kumustahan” amidst pandemic. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(9), 1-6.

*Corresponding Author