Forda Ferson: Implikasyon sa umuusbong na kulturang popular

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 1

Available Online:  8 November 2022


Nacorda, Rey Francis T.*
DepEd- Mandaue City Division, Philippines (

Garma, Jonel C.
DepEd- Talisay City Division, Philippines (


This study explored and analyzed the current terminologies used by Senior High School students and its implication for the trends of popular culture. It has been found that Senior High School students tend to commonly use the trending terminologies in their daily communication with peers. Popular culture stimulates the students to use trending terms in their casual conversation to be more expressive and creative in their communication. These existing terminologies are rampant in different online platforms, particularly in TikTok where most of the students spent their screen time. It is also found that popular culture influenced the existence of current terminologies used by students in terms of Social Media, Online Games, and Clothing. The gathered trending terminologies revealed the common structure in language patterns using acronyms, back-formation, combination, and syllable change. Determining its word origin and providing a contextual definition. Furthermore, this study analyzed the effect of popular culture on the language usage and self-expression of the students. In conclusion, further study of new terminologies influenced by popular culture and their impact on education must be broadened to develop new teaching strategies suitable for the student’s learning capacity and the contextualized teaching-learning process.

Keywords: kulturang popular, implikasyon, trends, senior high, pagtuturo



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Nacorda, R. F. T., & Garma, J. C. (2023). Forda Ferson: Implikasyon sa umuusbong na kulturang popular. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(1), 7-13.

*Corresponding Author