Edukasyon sa Bagong Kadawyan: Hamon sa pagsagot ng modyul ng mga mag-aral na nagpapakadalubhasa sa Filipino

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 1

Available Online:  2 January 2022


Urgil, Nelson*
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (

Aninao, John Lester
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (

Santo, Hannah
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (

Silvano, Leslie
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (

Uñalan, Leiah Anne
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (


Online learning is the new normal in education. With this, modules (printed and electronic) are used in the delivery of lessons. This research was conducted to identify the problems encountered by the students in answering these modules as one of the primary learning materials used in an online education. Also, this seeks to identify some interventions to help students in their current situation. This is a quantitative research using a cross-sectional design that targets to elicit responses that will satisfy the research objectives. A structured survey questionnaire was prepared and distributed to 80 respondents to represent the population which were selected randomly. The number of respondents was determined using the table of population and sample size by Krejcie and Morgan (1970). Based on the gathered data, the researchers found that the students experienced difficulty in answering the modules due to lack of digital tools/gadgets and other resources that can be used to further understand the lesson. Internet connections and the learning environment are also factors that makes online learning difficult. Also, answering these modules become difficult to the students because they don’t have someone to ask and help them to understand the concepts. With these, the researchers recommended that teachers become more flexible and understanding in terms of establishing academic rules and requirements in his/her respective subject. For tasks and requirements, it is necessary to give sufficient time and/or day to the students to complete these modules and for teachers to aid students’ learning by employing both asynchronous and synchronous teaching.

Keywords: new normal, education, difficulties, answering, module



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Urgil, N., Aninao, J. L., Santo, H., Silvano, L., & Uñalan, L. A. (2022). Edukasyon sa Bagong Kadawyan: Hamon sa pagsagot ng modyul ng mga mag-aral na nagpapakadalubhasa sa Filipino. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(1), 87-98.

*Corresponding Author