Perspective on abortion in Vietnamese Christian context

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 1

Available Online:  2 January 2022


Ngo, Huu Tien
De La Salle University, Philippines (


Although abortion is decreasing in some countries, especially in the United States, it has always been a complicated, painful, and historically controversial issue in many countries throughout the world and throughout much of history. Much of the abortion debate is conducted between two opposing groups, one group holding a pro-life position and the other group holding a pro-choice position. There are arguments from both groups with explain defend their position. To date, abortion is not only a widespread, hotly debated issue, but above all, it is a mortal sin from the point of view of the Roman Catholic Church. However, because abortion is quite common and legal in many countries, including Vietnam, many people and Vietnamese Catholics today do not know whether abortion is a felony, so they have committed it. This essay aims to help Vietnamese Catholics understand that abortion is always, and that we must respect and protect pre-born children. This could be translated in the following way: All children born and pre-born must be welcome in life and protect in law.

Keywords: abortion, Roman Catholic Church, mortal sin, Vietnamese Catholics, immoral



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