Stories of the holocaust: From the optics of Filipino learners

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 3

Available Online:  28 January 2022


Escalante, Liza*
Department of Education, Tagum City, Philippines (

Gomez, Dan
University of Mindanao, Tagum, Philippines (


This study aimed to know the perspective on the stories of the holocaust and the lived experiences of twenty grade 11 senior high school students from secondary school in the division of Tagum City. This research employed qualitative employing phenomenological approach, which is deemed appropriate for this study since it sought to find out the lived perspectives of grade 11 students about the stories of the holocaust that they have read. Results of the study showed that students have diverse revealing perspectives about the stories of the holocaust, such as fear to fight, feeling of hatred to the oppressors, bravery leads to survival, admiration to survivors of the holocaust, condemnation of the oppressor’s acts, and extending hands to the needy. These students needed guidance and support from their teachers in managing their emotions. They also needed support from the Department of Education to help them overcome the difficulties they encountered in the literature subject. Outcomes also confirmed that despite the different emotions that surfaced, most of the students still viewed the Holocaust as something that also had a positive impact despite the negative events that followed it.

Keywords: teaching English, holocaust, literary analysis, phenomenology, Philippines



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Escalante, L., & Gomez, D. (2022). Stories of the holocaust: From the optics of Filipino learners. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(3), 189-235.

*Corresponding Author