The significance of understanding psychosexual development and sexuality education for Vietnamese adolescents

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 16

Available Online:  1 November 2021


Lan, Nguyen Thi*
De La Salle University, Philippines (

Huong, Nguyen Huy
De La Salle University, Philippines (


The psychosexual development and sexuality of human is remarkable and important aspects. It is existing throughout the life of each person. Therefore, any ages also have the right to learn, know and understand about psychosexual development and sexuality in order to live relevantly with each phase of person and avoid unpredictable things that might happen in life, which relate to sexuality. Perhaps, the adolescence phase is one that needs more attention and education on the subject of psychosexual development and sexuality education because this is a complicated and sensitive phase. There are many countries in the world that focus on sexuality education, while there are still too many countries, sexuality education is a strange matter. Vietnam is a typical country. Up to now, sexual education seems to be a new concept in Vietnamese society. There is not yet a formal sexuality education program in the school. Most teachers, parents, and students are severely lacking in psychosexual development and sexuality knowledge. Therefore, this topic provides essential information to help Vietnamese people to raise awareness and the importance of understanding psychosexuality in general and adolescent sexuality in particular through using the psychosexual development theory of Freud and related conceptions to describe and analyze psychosexual development and sexuality, which is focusing on adolescence (10 to 19 years old). Especially, this topic will be helpful and meaningful for researchers and their congregations in their missions and ministries. Since their main charism is to educate the youth and help single moms, who have unintended pregnancies.

Keywords: understanding, psychosexual development, sexuality, adolescence, sexuality education



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Lan, N. T., & Huong, N. H. (2021). The significance of understanding psychosexual development and sexuality education for Vietnamese adolescents. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(16), 19-31.

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