Child sexual abuse violence against human dignity of children

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 15

Available Online:  20 October 2021


Ngo, Ngoan*
De La Salle University Manila, Philippines (


By using the literature review method, this paper would like to convey the issues of child sexual abuse which violates rights and dignity of children. Children are the lowest level and the most vulnerable in society who need the care and protection from the family, religion, and society. However, many of them are victims of violation and sexual abuse by the family members, educators, religious people and the others. According to Christian morality, child sexual abuse is a sin against the sixth Commandment and the dignity of children. It injuries the respect, freedom, and moral aspects of a person. Additionally, child sexual abuse negatively impacts the mental health, physical health, moral and spiritual development of the abused victims. Giving different perspectives from the Scriptures, the teachings of the Church, and the society, the researcher wants to confirm that children have the same dignity and rights with the adult, hence, any forms of violence towards children are unaccepted. The Church and the society strongly condemn child sexual abuse, and try protect children’ dignity and rights. In order to prevent child sexual abuse, this paper would like to give two suggestions: increasing awareness of the rights and dignity of children for all people, and child sexual abuse prevention training. This paper aims to raise the voice to respect dignity of children and protect them from the harms of violence, especially child sexual abuse.

Keywords: children, child sexual abuse, human dignity, rights, protection



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Ngo, N. (2021). Child sexual abuse violence against human dignity of children. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(15), 97-108.

*Corresponding Author