ALBULARYO: ALay ang BUhay sa LARangan ng Panggagamot at SerbisYO

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 15

Available Online:  20 October 2021


Gelilio, Eric*
Baliatan, Chiara Sofia
Landeza, Jazlyn Evana
Encinares, Daniela Nicole
Lasap, Sheena
Gallanosa National High School, Philippines (


The differences and similarities of two albularyos from the Municipality of Irosin based on their profile and the factors that affect their methods of healing were determined. A comparative data analysis was utilized. Purposive sampling was used to identify the youngest and oldest albularyo in the town. Personal interview was conducted with the use of open-ended questions. The respondents signed a letter of agreement as proof of their willingness in data gathering. Audio recording was employed as a medium to review the response of each albularyo. Based on the results, their differences and similarities were determined; the two albularyos follow the same process of healing— massage and herbal plants; they both practice santigwar, but the other performs paghimagat and treat curses; they hold an unwavering faith in God yet the other albularyo gives prominence to his disbelief in offering prayers to saints; they respect the beliefs and values of other people; while keeping up with the flow of time, they use modernization as an instrument in healing; The pandemic had a huge impact on their standard of living, number of patients, and usual practices. According to Limos (2020), modern technology and breakthroughs in medical science don’t seem to have erased the faith of many Filipinos in the albularyo, all it takes is a mere reintroduction. Hence, the proposal “ALalay ngayon at BUkas: LARawan ng isang albularYO” was formed as a documentary that aims to introduce, show the differences, and emphasize the similarities of the albularyos in the Municipality of Irosin.

Keywords: albularyo (traditional healer), hilot (massage), halamang gamot (herbs), santigwar (therapeutical instrument), pandemya (Pandemic- COVID-19)



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Gelilio, E., Baliatan, C. S., Landeza, J. E., Encinares, D. N., & Lasap, S. (2021). ALBULARYO: ALay ang BUhay sa LARangan ng Panggagamot at SerbisYO. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(15), 85-96.

*Corresponding Author