Southern Leyteño’s folklore narratives on lifestyle and leisure

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 11

Available Online:  29 July 2021


Borong, Norlyn L.*
Southern Leyte State University, Philippines (


From the gathered folklore of Southern Leyte, this study aims to provide an opportunity to explore and gain knowledge about the lifestyle and leisure of Southern Leyteňos. The research design used in the study is a descriptive exploratory design. It is employed a purposive sampling strategy to collect folklore, in which they toured all of Southern Leyte’s municipalities and asked for stories in various barangays. The researchers chose barangays from upland, lowland, and coastal areas in each municipality. A total of 65 narratives have been collected from the 19 municipalities. Findings revealed that Southern Leyteňos lifestyle and leisure includes hunting, pagtutuba, fishing, and farming. Southern Leyteňos spend their spare time sharing stories, balak, dancing, singing, and drinking tuba. Because they were used to playing, young people found riddles to be rather useful. Planting, fishing, and entrepreneurship are all superstitious notions. The bolhon or ajunay (bayanihan system) is regarded as a valuable cultural practice in which it serves as a tool for avoiding difficulties in jobs. The findings of this study should be used and incorporated into teaching children about the culture of the people who live in the neighborhood where their school is located.

Keywords: ajunay, balak, bayanihan system, bolhon, pagtutuba, superstitious



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Borong, N. L. (2021). Southern Leyteño’s folklore narratives on lifestyle and leisure. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(11), 41-48.

*Corresponding Author