The Filipino virtue ethics in Wojtyla’s sexual ethics: An academic response to Reyes

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 10

Available Online:  22 July 2021


De Leon, Rodney Mari S.*
De La Salle University, Philippines (

Canete, Jonathan James O.
De La Salle University / Lasalle College of Antipolo, Philippines (


In Jeremiah Lasquety-Reyes’ two (2) papers, he made a case for the existence of a “Filipino virtue ethics.” He argued that relationship-oriented virtue ethics that is ‘Filipino’ exists and that it is a product of mixing both the Spanish Catholic tradition and Southeast Asian tribal tradition. He presented it through a dialogue with Aristotelian-Thomistic virtue ethics. He revolved on two (2) Filipino concepts as the basis of his exposition – loob (inner-self), kapwa (significant other/ brethren), and all other virtues or aspects flow from these two (2) foundational concepts. He also argued for the case of hiya (shamefulness) as a virtue, rather than a mere passion or emotion, in his other paper. Overall, the main point of his introductory paper on Filipino virtue ethics is that its main feature is that it aims to maintain and improve human relationships. Filipino virtue ethics is not individualistic but relationship-based, and its end goal is pagkakaisa or the ‘oneness’ concept in Filipino. He also noted that this Filipino relationship-centered virtue ethics is relevant even beyond the Philippines, especially in the midst of an individualistic world. So, this reply paper aims to compare this Filipino virtue ethics to Wojtyla’s Personalistic-Thomistic sexual ethics found in his groundbreaking work, “Love and Responsibility,” and see the manifestations of Filipino virtue ethics in it. Filipino virtue ethics and Wojtyla’s Personalistic-Thomistic sexual ethics contain certain similarities, such as their emphasis on interpersonal relationships, valuing the ‘other,’ and self-restraint.

Keywords: Filipino, virtue ethics, sexual ethics, Wojtyla, Reyes



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De Leon, R. M. S., & Canete, J. J. O. (2021). The Filipino virtue ethics in Wojtyla’s sexual ethics: An academic response to Reyes. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(10), 61-70.

*Corresponding Author