Role of the school heads in the sustainability of zero waste management projects

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 9

Available Online:  15 July 2021


Reodica, Carmelita*
Emilio Aguinaldo College, Philippines (


Zero Waste Management is a program that aimed to promote recycling and proper waste segregation among teachers, learners, parents, and other stakeholders who are considered to be responsible in the effort to protect and manage the school environment through good school governance to support sustainable development. School principals as the leader in school should be able to play an active and maximal role in the effort to create a zero-waste school. This study is aimed to find out the role of the school principal and the extent of this role in the implementation of Zero Waste Management projects. The study also can be used in other school projects amidst the existence of pandemic. This study used qualitative and quantitative methods in data collection. The investigation was done in Crisanto Guysako Memorial Elementary School of Nagcarlan, Laguna involving thirty (30) respondents that include learners, teachers, parents, and members of the community. The result of the study showed that strong agreement among the respondents was shown in the determination of the vital role of the school head in the sustainability of zero waste management program in terms of effect, empowerment, and economics. Furthermore, the results indicated that the extent of the role of school principal based on the interviews conducted on the implementation of the projects is to formulate environmental school policy; to develop eco-friendly school culture, and to ensure the sustainability of the program through the support of its stakeholders. Through the leadership of school heads, environmental awareness through orientation, assembly, and capacity building among school’s stakeholders, with emphasis on issues regarding solid waste management and recycling, to encourage students and the general public to becoming environmentally responsible citizens, and to expand the knowledge and attitude towards improved practices on solid waste management.

Keywords: school heads, sustainability, zero waste management, role



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