Effect of board game and quick draw total participation techniques on students’ scientific inquiry skill

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 6

Available Online:  21 June 2021


Averilla, Rommel*
Emilio Aguinaldo College, Philippines (rommelaverilla.mnl@eac.edu.ph)


The study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of Board Game and Quick Draw Total Participation Techniques on Students’ Scientific Inquiry Skill. Furthermore, it was conducted to find out other methods of instruction that can be used in teaching science focusing on the 21st-century skills of the students namely, predicting, investigating, and interpreting. The study wants to look at the alternative way on how to develop and improve the scientific inquiry skills of the students without consuming a lot of time and at the same time efficient on its purpose. It aimed to determine the difference in the pretest and posttest scores, and correlate the students’ level of scientific inquiry skills on different teaching strategies. A pretest-posttest design of quasi-experimental research was used. One hundred thirty-two Grade 7 students from Basic Education Curriculum clustered into three groups were selected as respondents in Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School. Pretest-posttest questionnaire questions were utilized to obtain the data. Results revealed that the gain scores varied according to the techniques, skills, and techniques-skills interaction.  The three different teaching techniques have different effectiveness in teaching science. There is also a difference in results on students’ scientific inquiry skills namely predicting, investigating, and interpreting based on the analysis of variance. On the other hand, there is also a significant interaction between techniques and skills. Different techniques show different effects on different scientific inquiry skills. The result shows that quick draw is the best technique to develop predicting and investigating skills, while the board game is the best technique to use in developing interpreting skills.

Keywords: total participation techniques, scientific inquiry skill, predicting skills, developing skills, interpreting skills


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrse.2021.653

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Averilla, R. (2021). Effect of board game and quick draw total participation techniques on students’ scientific inquiry skill. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(6), 141-148. https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrse.2021.653

*Corresponding Author