Strengthening teachers’ morale through awards and recognition approach

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 9

Available Online:  12 July 2021


Lim, Jensen Ryan T.*
Emilio Aguinaldo College, Philippines (


This research sought to enhance the motivation of teachers in becoming more productive. The teachers perceived experiences in their year(s) of service will determine their motivation factors, together with the causes of positive and negative experiences, resulting to a program proposal based on the results of the study. A qualitative research approach using semi-structured interviews, focused group discussion and naturalistic observation based on the framework of the study were used. According to the findings, the participants with more years of service feel more anxiety and tension. One of the most frequently mentioned motivation factors by the participants is promotion and teacher commitment. These conclusions were developed: a.) Depending on the year(s) of service in their teaching career, teachers characterize their experiences in several ways. They develop anxiety over time because of various difficulties and pressures. New teachers, on the other hand, are filled with zeal and enthusiasm., b.) Promotion, rewards, and appreciation are the primary motivators for teacher respondents, and these factors influence their success in the profession, c.) Professional and personal growth are factors in teachers’ positive interactions, and it improves their dedication to their employment. Workload and over-recognition of programs are the sources of negative interactions. The following recommendations were formulated: a.) A psychosocial development Support and Training is recommended to be one of the topics in the Gender and Development Program, b.) Open and Transparent ranking of teachers are encouraged and c.) To aid the negative experiences of teachers, an awards and recognition approach is proposed.

Keywords: teachers’ morale, awards and recognition approach, qualitative approach triangulation, action research



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Lim, J. R. T. (2021). Strengthening teachers’ morale through awards and recognition approach. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(9), 15-22.

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