Mga wika sa sining ng kulit: Implikasyon sa kultura at pagtuturo

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 4
Special Issue on Filipino Research Papers

Available Online: 27 January 2021


Augusto, William Jr., S.*
Cebu Normal University, Philippines (


The study aimed to analyze the language register, syntax structure of the process of sculpture and reasons why the art of sculpture has slowly forgotten in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. Moreover, in examining the data, descriptive analysis was used. It includes listing, defining, analyzing and comparing of data. Structural analysis was also used in this study to examine the language structure of sculpture. There were 5 participants who participated in this study who were chosen purposively. From the analysis, the following were discovered: (a) language is formed base on the lifestyle of the people in a community; (b) Cebuano language has different register and syntax structures that were identified in the process of sculpture compared to Tagalog; (c) sculpture like any other art form has also processes to follow; (d) culture is also affected by the changes in the community. This result of the study implied that language serves as life of culture and culture gives life and image to culture. Thus, it is recommended by this study to have integration of local language and culture in the field of teaching to make it contextualize. In addition, giving of training, workshop and exhibit related to sculpture are recommended.

Keywords: kultura; kulit; sining; wika; estruktura



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Augusto, W. Jr., S. (2021). Mga wika sa sining ng kulit: Implikasyon sa kultura at pagtuturo. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(4), 13-24.

*Corresponding Author