Istilong Voice, Audience, Register at Purpose (VARP) ng mga awitin sa pagsusuring pangnilalaman

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 4
Special Issue on Filipino Research Papers

Available Online: 15 February 2021


Mandado, Juliet O.*
Cebu Technological University-Main Campus, Philippines (

Arnado, Anna Mie M.
Canduman National High School, Philippines (


Localization in selected Filipino lessons will address one of the missions of basic culture-based education. Just as other countries they promote their language, Filipinos promote their own language in Sugbuanon pinulongan to use as a strategic assembly for an individual ability to use it. The study uses descriptive research and the use of selected popular Visayan songs to achieve the aforementioned using the institutional linguistics of De Matos (1964) which discusses the relationship of language and its user where the style voice, audience, register and Brown’s (2016) purpose or VARP that facilitates language teaching and learning from audible and readable information. This study ensures that linguistic content will be answered using 1) Voice- words, phrases, parables: 2) Audience – vocabulary, style of speech; 3) Register- formal and informal: and 4) Purpose – genre and message of songs in society. The study found that the use of local and contextualized lessons is rich in linguistic content in songs translated in the local language and is now trendy music especially in the interest of students because the lyrics of the songs are their vernacular facilitates learning and human relations.

Keywords: voice; purpose; register; audience; content style



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Mandado, J. O., & Arnado, A. M. M. (2021). Istilong Voice, Audience, Register at Purpose (VARP) ng mga awitin sa pagsusuring pangnilalaman. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(4), 25-35.

*Corresponding Author