Strategic intervention material: A tool in enhancing grade nine students’ mathematical performance

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 5

Available Online: 27 January 2021


Arpilleda, Alcher J.*
St. Paul University Surigao, Philippines (


The goal of every teacher is to make every learner understand and apply the lessons learned from the class, but, this goal may not be met if students themselves find it hard to understand the lessons in Mathematics. One of the ways to help the learners achieve success in learning is through the use of a strategic intervention material. Thus, this study aimed to determine the effectiveness of the Strategic Intervention Material (SIM) in Integrated Mathematics 9 on Positive, Zero, and Negative Integral Exponents. It described further the significant difference on the level of performance of the seventy-seven (77) Grade 9 students under the two groups (control and experimental) in the pre and post-test. T-test was employed to test significant difference in the test results and the groups where they belong. It was concluded in the study that the strategic intervention materials gave a positive impact in mastering the least-learned competency identified as reflected in the post-test results of the two groups. Thus, the school may conduct training, programs and activities that will enhance more the skills of the teachers in crafting strategic intervention materials to aid the students’ needs most especially on mastering the least learned competencies.

Keywords: exponents; least-learned competency; mathematical performance; strategic intervention materials



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Arpilleda, A. J. (2021). Strategic intervention material: A tool in enhancing grade nine students’ mathematical performance. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(5), 61-72.

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