Student-created videos as a performance task in science

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 2
Special Luminary Issue on Education and Religion

Available Online: 18 November 2020


Baclay, Lorraine J.*
Carlos “Botong” Francisco Memorial National High School, Philippines (


To keep our students engaged in learning, teaching methods have evolved over the years and have adapted the use of technology. This study aimed to determine the students’ attitudes towards creating videos as well as the perceived effects in skills, competency, interest, engagement, and value, and also their insights and reflections. A total of 54 Grade 10 students of CBFMNHS participated in the study. A researcher-made descriptive survey was used to identify the attitude and perception of students towards creating videos. The survey also included open-ended questions where students provided personal feedback regarding their learning experience. The researcher also collected data from the video samples. Basic descriptive statistical tools such as frequency counts, percentages, and ranks were used on the processing and interpretation of the quantitative data section of the questionnaire. Content analysis was used in the open-ended questions to reveal the insights, comments, suggestions, and reflections of the students. The data shows that 92.59% of the students have a positive attitude in creating videos. In terms of perception, the students agree that creating videos helped develop certain competencies in using ICT, collaborative learning, creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills. The data reveals that students get to enjoy Science when they created videos. The students also agree that student-created videos are valuable, informative, and very useful in their learning and in sharing information with other students. In terms of insights, the self-reflection of the students show that they are happy about the outcomes of their performance task. Their success depends on cooperation, creativity, confidence, effort, teamwork, and listening to the opinion of others. Also, the student-created videos reflect what the students have learned about the lesson. It was concluded that student-created videos serve as a good performance task in Science among selected Grade 10 students of CBFMNHS. It may serve as a basis for having a Science fair that includes amateur video making contest about certain topics.

Keywords: student-created videos; performance task; videos



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