Varayti ng wikang Surigaonon: Isang pagsusuri sa ponemang /j/ at /y/

2020 IJRSE – Volume 9 Issue 8
Special Luminary Issue on Filipino Research Papers

Available Online: 6 November 2020


Camar, Aisah*
Surigao del Sur State University – Cantilan Campus, Philippines (


The purpose of this study is to present and introduce the varieties of Surigaonon language, the Surigaonon-Cantilan, and Surigaonon-Tandag. The study specifically aimed the following: What are the sociolinguistic variables in the often use of phonemes /j/ and /y/ in Surigaonon language? What those Surigaonon-Cantilan words with phoneme /j/ that become phoneme /y/ in Surigaonon-Tandag? And what are the phonological characteristics of becoming /j ˃ y/? The findings revealed that the Surigaonon language is multilingual. Most of the words in Surigaonon-Cantilan with the phoneme /j/ become phoneme /y/ in Surigaonon-Tandag (j ˃ y), and some of its phonological characteristics are: (1) phoneme /j/ is a glide like /y/. (2) The phonemes /j/ and /y/ are in any environment, and most of the words are verb. (3) Based on syllable, phonemes /j/ and /y/ are often next to vowels if syllabic, and preceded by phonemes /d/, /g/, /k/, /n/, /ŋ/, /t/, /w/ if non syllabic. (4) Surigaonon-Cantilan words with phoneme /j/ also become /d/, /l/, and /w/. And (5) Surigaonon-Cantilan also using the phoneme /y/ and it becomes /l/ and /r/ in Surigaonon-Tandag. In short, the varieties of Surigaonon language: the Surigaonon-Cantilan and Surigaonon-Tandag use the phonemes /d/, /l/, /w/, and /r/ aside from the often use of /j/ and /y/, the reasons why Surigaonon people who are using those varieties can still communicate and understand each other.

Keywords: Surigaonon language; variety of Surigaonon language; Surigaonon-Cantilan; Surigaonon-Tandag; phonemes /j/ and /y/



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Camar, A. (2020). Varayti ng wikang Surigaonon: Isang pagsusuri sa ponemang /j/ at /y/. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 9(8), 57-72.

*Corresponding Author