Pagtuklas sa mga piling maikling akda ni P. V. Villafuerte sa realismong pananaw

2020 IJRSE – Volume 9 Issue 8
Special Luminary Issue on Filipino Research Papers

Available Online: 2 November 2020


Mandado, Juliet O.*
Cebu Technological University – Main Campus, Cebu, Philippines (


Filipinos are creative and expressive for the love of literature is natural. The purpose of this study is to present, analyze and recognize the importance of the short stories of Patrocinio V. Villafuerte who won the award from Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature in 1984 – Ang Huling Itineraryo sa Pulu-pulong Utak ni Propesor Balisungsong, in 1991- Si Ato sa Sangmagdamagang Pagtakas sa Kawalang-Malay and another year in 2002 was Huling Hiling, Hinaing at Halinghing ni Hermano Huseng that all of Villafuerte’s writings received praise. The study will ensure literary elements such as character, setting, plot, theme and emotion; presented social relations; and realism perspective on written works. This research is a descriptive study conducted to discover whether the winning stories possess the characteristics consistent with the theory of Scott (1974) and Salazar (1995). This is qualitative research using content analysis, examining the contents of the work of an award-winning writer in Filipino and Literature. It is learned from the study that the analysis of the works reflects the realistic discussion of human life with a complete change in a society that each story can be considered meaningful especially what the author conveys to anyone who reads it. This critique is important to cultivate and further develop Filipino literary works that will be especially helpful in learning and teaching in Filipino.

Keywords: author; story; writings; author elements; realism perspective



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Mandado, J. O. (2020). Pagtuklas sa mga piling maikling akda ni P. V. Villafuerte sa realismong pananaw. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 9(8), 15-26.

*Corresponding Author