Importance of holistic life education amid technology paradox

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 1
Special IJRSE Luminary Issue

Available Online: 11 November 2020


Edara, Inna Reddy*
Graduate Institute of Educational Leadership & Development,
Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (


Technologies have been deeply influencing the lifestyle of the people in the modern world. They, on the one hand, allure people to get involved with all the new gadgets, yet, on the other hand, force them to focus on what is important and appropriate for their lives. In this sense, technology is a paradox, for it offers humans great possibilities and at the same time, it confines them in what they do and how they do it. For instance, new technologies in the form of websites and online channels enable people to access enormous loads of information. However, due to the lack of constraints on what sort of information and content is made available online, people constantly need to rely on their judgment to select what’s relevant. This selection requires a certain degree of media literacy and self-discipline. Thus, given the reality of the paradox of technology, the liberal course in holistic life education gains an added significance. Holistic education is said to encompass a wide range of philosophical orientations and pedagogical practices, with a special emphasis on wholeness and integration. For many decades, Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan has been offering a core course on Philosophy of Life in training and graduating students with a holistic perspective on life. Yet, discerning the technological development and educational needs and mindsets of the current generation of students, Fu Jen has been trying to respond to the signs of the times by appropriately changing the holistic education curricula and methods of instruction to attain the goals of value-based education for life amid technology paradox. Therefore, this paper tried to elucidate the continued importance of holistic life education in the context of the paradox of technology with a special focus on the Philosophy of Life course at Fu Jen Catholic University.

Keywords: technology paradox; holistic education; philosophy of life; Fu Jen University



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Edara, I. R. (2021). Importance of holistic life education amid technology paradox. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(1), 1-12.

*Corresponding Author