Finding the real warriors: The case of rainforestation program adopters in Pilar, Camotes, Cebu

2020 IJRSE – Volume 9 Issue 2
Special Issue on Educational Studies and Action Researches

Available Online: 10 July 2020


Labastida-Martinez, Seregena Ruth*
Visayas State University, Philippines (

Fernandez, Guiraldo Jr. C.
Visayas State University, Philippines (


This qualitative research sought to identify the challenges and problems encountered by two individual adopters in their journey to protect and conserve the island of Pilar, Camotes. More specifically, it attempted to describe the personal attributes of the adopters who are teachers by profession as they lead in the implementation of environmental programs in the schools where they are teaching and on the island of Pilar, Camotes in general. The data were gathered from in-depth interviews with these two key informants who dauntlessly undertook the enormous challenge of educating the students and residents in Pilar, Camotes about environmental awareness and programs aimed at saving the island’s terrestrial resource from degradation. Given their years of experience and service with the National Greening Program (NGP), the two respondents had sufficiently provided crucial information relative to Boddy’s (2016) and Eisenhart and Borko’s (1993) requirements for sample size for qualitative research. Results showed that many residents and students as well still exhibited negative attitudes towards environmental efforts. However, this pessimism is but the symptom of a much bigger problem which, based on the data gathered, is rooted in poverty. This problem surfaced as one of the biggest challenges that the adopters have encountered. However, despite this and many other difficulties encountered in the implementation of environmental programs, the adopters revealed that it is their sheer dedication and love for the environment that have kept their courage intact. Devoid of this genuine concern for Mother Earth and for the future residents of the island, they could easily succumb into the trap of lethargy, worse, apathy. If this happens, it will mean the end of Mother Earth.

Keywords: warriors; adopters; environment; Pilar; school



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Labastida-Martinez, S. R., & Fernandez, G. J. C. (2020). Finding the real warriors: The case of rainforestation program adopters in Pilar, Camotes, Cebu. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 9(2), 67-80.

*Corresponding Author