Campus environment a catalyst to student misconduct in Malawian universities

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 3

Available Online: 8 December 2020


Kayange, Jimmy Jaston*
The Catholic University of Malawi, Malawi (


Even though learning institutions are considered places where good values and manners are learned, institutions of higher learning in Malawi seems to be breeding ground for misbehavior, contradicting the very purpose of these institutions. This study sought to explore the factors contributing to student misbehavior in Malawian Universities. The study used one of the public universities in Malawi as a case study. Findings indicate that institutional culture and poor management style are some of the factors that contribute to student misbehavior in these institutions. The study also discovered that enforcement of rules and regulations, and counseling are some of the ways of addressing student misbehavior. Further, the study argues that student misconduct erodes the credibility of the institution and compromises the holistic development of students. The study recommends the inculcation of a sense of ownership in students so that they know the importance of their institution and how it will define their future. The study also recommends that there is a need to conduct awareness training and in-service training among staff members so that they know their professional conduct as well as how to manage issues regarding misconduct.

Keywords: development; environment; harassment; institutional culture; misbehavior



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Kayange, J. J. (2021). Campus environment a catalyst to student misconduct in Malawian universities. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(3), 39-48.

*Corresponding Author