Comparing the effect of teaching collocations versus single words on speaking fluency and accuracy

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 3


Memarian-Mojarab, Mina
Semnan University, Iran (

Farjami, Hadi*
Semnan University, Iran (


This study attempted to investigate the effect of collocation-based teaching of vocabulary on speaking fluency and accuracy and compare it with teaching single words. To this end, after administrating the speaking section of Preliminary English Test (PET), 30 pre-intermediate L2 learners were selected out of 50 and assigned to experimental and control groups. The participants in the experimental group received collocation-based vocabulary instruction, whereas the participants in control group received single-word teaching of vocabulary. PET interviews provided evidence for participants’ speaking fluency and accuracy before the treatment, while PET interviews and an achievement test measured their post-treatment speaking accuracy and fluency. The result of independent-samples t-tests showed that the participants in the experimental group outperformed participants in the control group with respect to speaking fluency and accuracy, indicating that collocation-based teaching of vocabulary is more effective in enhancing speaking fluency and accuracy than teaching single words.

Keywords: collocations; single-words; speaking accuracy; speaking fluency; vocabulary teaching



*Corresponding Author