Students who spend more time on Facebook tend to have higher grades: Findings from a Philippine university

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 4
Lumina Foundation Special Issue

Available Online: 1 July 2019


Carreon, Alicia V.*
Angeles University Foundation, Philippines (

Valenzuela, Madonna M.
Angeles University Foundation, Philippines (

Tayag, Jarrent R.
Angeles University Foundation, Philippines (

Dizon, Carmela S.
Angeles University Foundation, Philippines (


Studies show that university students are big fans of FB, but to date, no local study documenting the association between FB use and academic performance among Filipino college students has yet been published. Thus, this research investigated the extent of FB use among students in a private university in the Philippines and correlated it to their General Weighted Average (GWA). A total of six hundred eighty-six (686) freshmen and sophomores participated in the survey. Results showed a weak but positive correlation between FB use and GWA, implying that more time spent on FB is associated with better academic performance. This may be attributed to the finding that most of the students use Facebook to update themselves on school activities and work with other students in completing course and school requirements. The students spend an average of 2 hours every week using Facebook, peaking during the weekends. This study provides evidence that FB offers a useful platform for students’ academic communication. Details of school-related FB use by students as well as teachers may be subjects for future studies.

Keywords: social media; academic performance; Facebook; online platform; social networking sites



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Carreon, A. V., Valenzuela, M. M., Tayag, J. R., & Dizon, C. S. (2019). Students who spend more time on Facebook tend to have higher grades: Findings from a Philippine university. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 8(4), 27-37.

*Corresponding Author