Translation and analysis of Jesus Sanchez short stories

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 4
Lumina Foundation Special Issue

Available Online: 1 July 2019


Gorumba, Jennifer*
Palompon Institute of Technology, Philippines (


Palompon, Leyte is said to have writers, as such with that of Jesus Sanchez, who deserve to be recognized in the field of literature, whose writings mirror the life and culture of the people. These may be used and may be beneficial to both students and the teachers. The study aims to translate in Filipino and analyze the short stories written by Jesus Sanchez. The result of the literary analysis and translation has become the basis of enriching the literature of the region, acknowledging these short stories and publishing it. There were four short stories which were translated to Filipino and evaluated using the theory of translation and literary analysis. The sociological and psychological analyses were used to determine the dominant culture in the short stories. The study used the descriptive-qualitative research design. The study found out that the four short stories mirror the culture of the Palomponganon people in terms of their livelihood, cooperative endeavor (bayanihan), faith, and superstitious belief. Of the three stories, the main characters were teachers. This might be accounted on the experience of the author since he was a supervisor of the Department of Education. On the other hand, the other short story reflects the struggle in life of the people and their dealings with fellow. More researchers/authors are encouraged to translate and analyze local literary works to conserve and spread it and be used by many.

Keywords: Cebuano literature; translation; literary analysis; culture; local writer; Palompon, Leyte; Philippines



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Gorumba, J. (2019). Translation and analysis of Jesus Sanchez short stories. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 8(4), 39-45.

*Corresponding Author