Laro: Isang estratehiya sa pagtuturo ng numeracy

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 4
Lumina Foundation Special Issue

Available Online: 2 July 2019


Huevos, Margie
Caditaan Elementary School, Philippines (

Marbella, Felisa*
Sorsogon State University, Philippines (


This study shows the effectiveness of Game as a strategy in teaching Numeracy in Kindergarten. There are forty- seven (47) respondents from the Kindergarten of Biton Elementary School, Magallanes, Sorsogon. Descriptive developmental is used in the study. Pre-test and post-test tests are instruments used to determine the level of skills of the students in Numeracy. Frequency, mean, weighted mean and chi-square are used as a statistical tool. Based on the outcome of the study findings are as follows. The levels of students in Hand Game Addition, Hand Game Subtraction both have the Description of Beginning. Also the Lift the Bowl Addition and Lift the Bowl Subtraction have the same description which is beginning. The games used were effective in developing numeracy skills. There is an important difference in numeracy skills of students in pre-test and posttest using the game, the null hypothesis was rejected. The proposed book for Kindergarten instruction is to be done or obeyed by the teacher. The conclusion was made that the skill level of students in Hand game Addition, Hand game Subtraction, Lift the Bowl Addition and Lift the Bowl subtraction are all at the Beginning level. The result of Numeracy’s teaching has been effective with the Hand Game Addition, Hand Game Subtraction, Lift the Bowl Addition and Lift the Bowl Subtraction to Kindergarten students. The numeracy skills of the pupils increase because of the use of Hand Game and Lift the Bowl as strategy. A book was developed for teaching Numeracy in Kindergarten. From these conclusions, it is recommended that Kindergarten teachers should try to enhance the Numeracy skills of the pupils by stimulating their interest in the use of various approaches and teaching strategies.

Keywords: estratehiya; numeracy; kindergarten; pamamaraan; lift the bowl; hand game



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Huevos, M., & Marbella, F. (2019). Laro: Isang estratehiya sa pagtuturo ng numeracy. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 8(4), 47-53.

*Corresponding Author