Midterm evaluation of the implementation of the first phase of the practice teaching program: Field studies using CIPP model

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 3


Torio, Myla Zenaida C.*
Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines (Cabrillas.mzc@pnu.edu.ph)

Torio, Von Anthony G.
Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines (Torio.vag@pnu.edu.ph)


Program evaluation is an inevitable requisite to quality assurance in higher education. Ensuring the public that programs offered by an institution of higher learning is a must and should be observed to maintain the standards and meet the demands of the public. In teacher education, practice teaching program is a common feature of teacher education programs in the country. Practice Teaching is commonly the terminal program undergone by pre-service teachers and is considered to be one of the most crucial programs of soon-to-be teachers. It is the aim of the current study to evaluate the midterm implementation of the practice teaching program in an institution with the aim of looking for areas of improvement and best practices. The study involved the use of Context-Input-Process-Product (CIPP) as an evaluation model to achieve its aim. Evaluators of the program include 1 administrator, 4 supervising instructors, 14 student-teacher leaders and 640 student teachers. The results of the study revealed that all areas of evaluation had an overall mean equivalent to an interpretation of very good. The context area received the highest evaluation (Mean = 3.99  0.18) while the input area had the lowest evaluation (Mean = 3.82  0.23). The results of the study provided inputs to better examine the practices in the program in the quest for further improvements. The results of the program served as an input for the members of the institution to recalibrate their efforts towards better implementation of the program.

Keywords: program evaluation; CIPP model; practice teaching; teacher education; higher education


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrse.2019.4001

*Corresponding Author