Organizational culture and its influence on the performance of higher education institutions: The case of a state university in Beijing

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 2


Taye, Markos*
Beijing Normal University, China (
University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Sang, Guoyuan
Beijing Normal University, China (

Muthanna, Abdulghani
OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway (


This study reports on the organizational culture and its influence on the organizational performance. It focuses on these six elements: environment, mission, leadership, information, strategy and socialization. The analysis of interviews with students and faculty members (at one higher education institution) indicated the congruence between the perspectives of students and those of the faculty members on some particular elements. In addition to confirming that most of the organizational culture elements are encouraging, the analysis also showed that all culture elements have a strong influence on the individual performance which in turn contributes to the overall performance of the university.

Keywords: organization culture; culture; higher education; China; performance



*Corresponding Author