Education for Critical Citizen Action: An example from a course on ‘Media and Society’

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 2


Wang, Huei Lan*
Nan Hua University, Taiwan (


In today’s dynamic social and mobile media environments, developing students’ critical consciousness has become a significant challenge for educators in media literacy. To meeting this challenge, this paper presents discusses how Critical Pedagogy can be introduced into university-level media literacy courses and exemplifies through an account of a general education course in Media and Society. Through classroom work (such as reflective journals, speech messaging data collection and analysis, as well as website discussions), in-depth interviews, and classroom observation, we analyze the impact of personal values on the counterculture’s production of media to meet media literacy education’s curriculum design demands and teaching efficacy standards. The classroom results presented in this paper, while showing an enhancement of students’ media literacy critical thinking skills and sensitivity towards social issues concludes that the propensity to address social issues through concrete actions continues to be limited.

Keywords: media literacy; critical pedagogy; critical consciousness; citizenship education



*Corresponding Author