Decoding double shift effects on pupils, parents and teachers’ lived experiences: Alternative inputs for policy improvement

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 1


Cacho, Reynald M.*
Philippine Normal University South Luzon, Philippines (

Cacho, Lynle C.
Lopez West Elementary School, Philippines (

Raňeses, Marlon M.
Lopez West Elementary School, Philippines (


This study explored the impact of a month-long morning and afternoon shifting class sessions for the grade four students and teachers including how the students’ parents perceive the double-shift class system to be. It employed an exploratory qualitative case study approach in examining participants’ views, adjustments, and experiences toward the morning and afternoon shifting session. Multiple data from teachers’ focus group discussions, students’ journal entries, and survey of parents’ views were both triangulated and thematically analyzed. Outside the context of densely populated areas where double shifts are common, findings relatively revealed more favorable conditions for students’ activities and behaviors inside and outside the schools, combination of more positive thoughts than dissenting views of parents, and generally more favorable instructional and preparation related affordances for teachers. Lessons, adjustments and insights found are also shared in the process.

Keywords: afternoon class; double sessions; double shift class system; elementary; morning class; parents; public schools



*Corresponding Author