2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 12

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 10, Issue Number 12

Table of Contents

  1. Lived experience of kindergarten parents in modular distance learning
    Taguinod, Alyssa Denice
  2. Pre-service teachers on action research: Towards a training model for the task
    Montebon, Darryl Roy T.
  3. Exploring the role of primary learners’ parents in modular distance learning
    Lopez, Julie Ann
  4. Work-related stress and employee engagement among millennial workforce in the new normal
    Vigo, Eva May A.
  5. Lived experience of literature teachers and students in the new normal
    Pordunzalan, Rio
  6. Making lit a hit: Teaching and learning poetry in grade 9 through songs and calligrams
    Nieves, Tricia Paula F.; Recillo, Maria Luisa B.
  7. Educational games and grade 8 students’ academic performance in English
    Alcanse, Ana Marie Joy A.; Recillo, Maria Luisa B.
  8. Pagdukal sa mga alamat ng mga barangay sa Bayan ng Matalom, Leyte: Isang suring-tematiko
    Gili, Victoria G.; Galdo, Mark B.