2018 IJRSLL – Volume 7 Issue 3

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 7, Issue Number 3

Table of Contents

Educational Research

  1. On the relationship between multiple intelligences and self-actualization among Iranian EFL learners
    ShirzadMoghaddam, Elnaz; Ghapanchi, Zargham
  2. Using gestures and English as a Foreign Language vocabulary learning: Does gender make a difference?
    Ghasemi, Ehsan; Feyzi Behnagh, Reza
  3. An investigation into EFL teachers’ motivation to teach from a self-determination perspective
    Roohani, Ali; Hashemian, Mahmood; Dayeri, Khadijeh
  4. The acquisition of the English future tense by Iranian EFL learners: Processing instruction vs. meaningful output-based instruction
    Vafaparvar, Samaneh; Shiela, Kheirzadeh
  5. The pattern of compliments in Instagram photo comments
    Indah, Rohmani Nur; Rifana, Nur Fatikh
  6. Foreign language skills as the ultimate 21st century global competency: Empowerment in a globalized world
    Stein-Smith, Kathleen
  7. Implementation of English flipped classrooms: Students’ perceptions and teacher’s reflection
    Nguyen, Thuong
  8. A structural move analysis of the abstract section of ISI articles of Iranian and native scholars in the field of agricultural engineering
    Tavakoli Gheinani, Majid; Tabatabaei, Omid