2017 IJRSM – Volume 6 Issue 1

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
Volume 6, Issue Number 1

Table of Contents

Management Research

  1. Mediation analysis of environmental training: Perceived stakeholder pressure and environmental supply chain management practices
    Awan, Usama
  2. The effect of teachers’ socioeconomic status on elementary schools’ life in Indonesia: An empirical study in the elementary schools of Merauke district, Papua
    Werang, Basilius Redan; Lewaherilla, Esy D.; Irianto, Okto
  3. Grameen Nabeen Uddugta (NU), new entrepreneur, social business funding education and service in Bangladesh
    Rouf, Kazi Abdur
  4. The impact of electronic word of mouth on brand image and buying decision: An empirical study in Vietnam tourism
    Luong, Duy Binh; Vo, Thi Huong Giang; Le, Khoa Huan
  5. Investigating teachers’ perception on the importance of teachers’ certification and of professional development program in Indonesia: An empirical study from Bali
    Agung, Anak Agung Gede; Gading, I Ketut; Werang, Basilius Redan; Sudiarta, I Gusti Putu; Marti, Ni Wayan
  6. Developing south-south cooperation: The case of Ethio-China economic relationship
    Damtew, Rabia Yimam; Tsegay, Samson Maekele
  7. Commitment of employees: The case of dormitory service administration at higher education in Beijing, China
    Taye, Markos T.; Sang, Guoyuan
  8. Assessment of conflict management strategies in public secondary schools in Delta State, Nigeria
    Ajai, Ejeokwuezue Anthony