2016 IJRSM – Volume 5 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
Volume 5, Issue Number 2
October 2016

Table of Contents

Management Research

  1. Eradication of poverty through community economic development using micro financing: Lessons learned from Grameen Bank Bangladesh
    Rouf, Kazi Abdur
  2. A case study on occupational stressors and effective stress management interventions from a call center perspective
    Akanji, Babatunde Oluwatoyin
  3. Compatible cultural configuration: One secret of international project management
    Bhattarai, Raj Kumar
  4. Inside the Malawi government’s policy to increase access to university education: A case study of the University of Malawi
    Msiska, Masauko
  5. Beyond knowledge based intra organizational network
    Prasetyo, Aries Heru; Hu, Jersan
  6. Adjustment to Pakistan among Finnish expatriates
    Salminen, Hanna; Mattila, Malla; Jokela, Jutta
  7. The impact of monitoring and sanctioning and perceived loafing towards revenge motive and tendency to commit counterproductive work behaviors within the academic workplace
    Hu, Yueh-Luen; Hung, Chao-Hsiang; Ching, Gregory S.

Management Resources

  1. Grameen Bank services to Women in Development (WID), Gender and Development (GAD), Women in Business (WIB), Women and Development (WAD) and Women in Environment (WED) approach in Bangladesh
    Rouf, Kazi Abdur