2015 IJRSP – Volume 4 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology
Volume 4, Issue Number 4

Table of Contents

Psychological Research

  1. Relational communication, emotional intelligence, and marital satisfaction
    Masood, Afsheen; Mazahir, Shama
  2. The role of personality and intercultural effectiveness towards study abroad academic and social activities
    Wang, Wen-Lin; Ching, Gregory S.
  3. Cognitive demands of processing expository text: Pedagogical implications for enhancing coherent text base among less skilled readers
    Ntim, Stephen
  4. Subjective well-being of Filipino farm children
    Tolentino, Marvin N.; Dullas, Angelo R.
  5. The predictor role of gratitude and psychological vulnerability on forgiveness
    İlbay, Azmi Bayram; Sarıçam, Hakan

Psychological Resources

  1. The students’ view on the relationship of basic clinical skills during preclinical phase with practical in clinical phase
    Auda, Riva; Fadhilah, Marita; Ardini, Witri; Risahmawati

Psychological Briefs

  1. Students’ perception of effect on basic clinical skills training in preclinical phase to national OSCE
    Fadhilah, Marita; Auda, Riva; Ardini, Witri; Risahmawati
  2. National OSCE result as parameter outcome of basic clinical skills training during preclinical phase
    Risahmawati; Auda, Riva; Ardini, Witri; Marita, Fadhilah