2015 IJRSLL – Volume 4 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 4, Issue Number 4
October 2015

Table of Contents

Language Research

  1. The relationship between Iranian EFL teachers’ emotional intelligence and their teaching styles
    Mousapour, Giti; Khorram, Alireza
  2. The effects of using peer, self and teacher-assessment on Iranian EFL learners’ writing ability at three levels of task complexity
    Mosmery, Parisa; Barzegar, Reza
  3. Iranian EFL teachers and learners’ beliefs about vocabulary learning and teaching
    Amiryousefi, Mohammad
  4. Using tasks to enhance beginners’ orientations for learning Chinese as a foreign language
    Ruan, Youjin; Duan, Xiaoju; Du, Xiang Yun
  5. Rethinking language education in Taiwan: A case of English majors’ use of Chinese classifiers in translation
    Yu, Bin-Bin
  6. A structural move analysis of abstract in electronic engineering articles
    Abarghooeinezhad, Mahjoobeh; Simin, Shahla
  7. Interactive and interactional meta-discourse markers in conclusion sections of English master theses
    Rezaei Zadeh, Zahra; Baharlooei, Roya; Simin, Shahla
  8. A cross-cultural study of disagreement strategies to suggestions between Persian EFL learners and American native English speakers
    Bavarsad, Samira Salehipour; Eslami-Rasekh, Abbass; Simin, Shahla