2015 IJRSE – Volume 4 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 4, Issue Number 4
October 2015

Table of Contents

Educational Research

  1. A study of Iranian EFL teachers’ perceptions and practices regarding learner autonomy
    Nasri, Najmeh; Eslami Rasekh, Abbas; Vahid Dastjerdy, Hossein; Amirian, Zahra
  2. Telling tales: Using storytelling to teach EFL kindergarten students in Taiwan
    Hsu, Tsu-Chia Julia
  3. A cross-contextual analysis of Iranian EFL teachers’ attitudes and perceptions of critical thinking
    Ghanizadeh, Afsaneh; Heydarnejad, Tahereh
  4. The effect of using synthetic multisensory phonics in teaching literacy on EFL young learners’ literacy learning
    Farokhbakht, Leila; Nejadansari, Dariush

Educational Resources

  1. The implementation of students’ campaign program to form Adiwiyata School in Malang, Indonesia
    Krisnawati, Yuni; Susilowati; Irawati Al Muhdhar, Mimien Henie; Rochman, Fathur; Budiasih, Endang
  2. The influence of senior secondary school teachers on students’ achievement in Gao-Kao
    Tsegay, Samson Maekele; Ashraf, Muhammad Azeem
  3. Empirical report: Application of sandwich principle in teaching seminar for faculty development
    Zhang, Fuzhi; Pan, Chen; Sun, Wei; Zhang, Jing; Liu, Ying

Educational Briefs

  1. Construction, validation and DIF determination of a test on problem solving for pre-service mathematics teachers
    Torio, Von Anthony G.; Cabrillas-Torio, Myla Zenaida