2014 IJRSP – Volume 3 Issue 1

International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology
Volume 3, Issue Number 1
January 2014

Table of Contents

Psychological Research

  1. Pre-service English teachers’ epistemological beliefs and their conceptions of teaching
    Ketabi, Saeed; Zabihi, Reza; Ghadiri, Momene
  2. Can I get a job if I wear Hijab? An exploratory study of the perceptions of South Asian Muslim Women in the US and the UAE
    Pasha-Zaidi, Nausheen; Masson, Tiffany; Pennington, M. Nan
  3. Self-compassion and empathy across cultures: Comparison of young adults in China and the United States
    Birkett, Melissa
  4. The role of social identification, intergroup threat, and out-group derogation in explaining belief in conspiracy theory about terrorism in Indonesia
    Mashuri, Ali; Zaduqisti, Esti
  5. Affective state, stress, and Type A-personality as a function of gender and affective profiles
    Schütz, Erica; Garcia, Danilo; Archer, Trevor
  6. Will the peer leader please stand up? The personality of the peer leader in elite and non-elite sport teams
    Rylander, Pär; Heden, Anders; Archer, Trevor; Garcia, Danilo
  7. The moderating effects of inner-directed and other-directed behavior styles on the relationship between organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behavior
    Besharat, Mohammad Ali; Pourbohlool, Samane

Psychological Resources

  1. On the positive connection between success and happiness
    Uusiautti, Satu