2013 IJRSLL – Volume 2 Issue 3

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 2, Issue Number 3
July 2013

Table of Contents

 Language Research

  1. Analyzing research article introductions by Iranian and native English-speaking authors of Applied Linguistics
    Hesamoddin Shahriari Ahmadi, Behzad Ghonsooly, & Azar Hosseini Fatemi
  2. Lexical consciousness-raising in the vicinity of target vocabulary
    Farjami Hadi & Alizadeh Iman
  3. Writers’ self-representation in academic writing: The case of computer engineering research articles by English versus Iranian writers
    Davud Kuhi, Marzieh Tofigh, & Raziyeh Babaie
  4. The effects of simultaneous use of pre-planning along +/-Here-and-Now dimension on fluency, complexity, and accuracy of Iranian EFL learners’ written performance
    AliReza Mohammadzadeh Mohammadabadi, Azizallah Dabaghi, & Mansoor Tavakoli
  5. Sociocultural theory and reading comprehension: The scaffolding of readers in an EFL context
    Reza Ghafar Samar & Mahmood Dehqan
  6. The portrait of an Iranian as an English Language Learner: A case of identity reconstruction
    Mohammad Khatib & Saeed Rezaei

Language Resources

  1. The effect of age on cultural schema: The case of Shekaste-nafsi (modesty) in Persian
    Salva Shirinbakhsh & Abbass Eslami Rasekh
  2. Rethinking applied ELT: Life-responsive teaching in ESP classes and learners’ satisfaction with life
    Saeed Ketabi, Reza Zabihi, & Momene Ghadiri