2013 IJRSET – Volume 2 Issue 1

International Journal of Research Studies in Educational Technology
Volume 2, Issue Number 1
April 2013

Table of Contents

Educational Technology Research

  1. Effects of conceptual change pedagogy on achievement by high ability integrated science students on energy concepts
    Thomas B. Igwebuike
  2. Reading from an LCD monitor versus paper: Teenagers’ reading performance
    Hak Joon Kim & Joan Kim
  3. Are you digitized? Ways to provide motivation for ELLs using digital storytelling
    Tecnam Yoon
  4. The impact of using electronic dictionary on vocabulary learning and retention of Iranian EFL learners
    Seyyed Mohammad Reza Amirian & Zahra Heshmatifar
  5. The impact of using concordancer on EFL learners’ reading comprehension
    Parya Ashtiani & Abdorreza Tahriri
  6. Do they know that they know? EFL learners’ attitude towards concept mapping in listening comprehension
    Soroush Sabbaghan & Fatemeh Ansarian

Educational Technology Resources

  1. An introspective study on the construct validity of GRE tests: A plea for more qualitative research in language assessment
    Mansoor Tavakoli, Majid Farshid, & Mohsen Rezazadeh
  2. Effects of advanced organizers on attainment and retention of students’ concept of gravity in Nigeria
    Rachel O Atomatofa