The efficacy of art therapy to reduce anxiety among bullying victims

2014 IJRSP – Volume 3 Issue 4


Safaria, Triantoro*
Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia (

Yunita, Astrid
Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia (


Based on previous study, many bullying victims showed a number of psychological problems. One of the negative effects experienced among bullying victims is anxiety. The objective of the present study was to reduce anxiety on bullying victims using art therapy. Anxiety questionnaire was used to measure the level of anxiety. The art therapy intervention was conducted in 5 sessions over 2 weeks. The subjects in this study were 10 students who have been experienced moderate levels of anxiety. The subjects were randomized into experimental groups and control group. Mann-Whitney was used to test the effect of art therapy in the experimental group and the control group. The result of analysis showed that the level of anxiety among experimental group was reduced, but not for control group (p<0.05 and Z=-2.619). The conclusion of present study is art therapy decrease the level of anxiety in the experimental group. The implications of study are discussed.

Keywords: anxiety; art therapy; bullying victims



*Corresponding Author