Back to life: How to use positive psychology to beat anorexia?

2012 IJRSP – Volume 1 Issue 2


Savukoski, Marika
Municipality of Pyhäranta, Finland (

Määttä, Kaarina*
University of Lapland, Finland (

Uusiautti, Satu
University of Lapland, Finland (


The aim of this research is to study the enigma of anorexia nervosa, and its survival from a positive point of view. The subjects are Finnish ex-anorectic women (N= 11), between the ages of 23 and 45 years. The focus of this article is to describe and discuss the features and factors that made survival possible and to consider the actual process that led to survival. Furthermore, the attention is drawn to positive coping strategies and the present article is based on positive psychology. The study offers hope to everyone who struggles with this difficult disease and their loved ones, friends, teachers, and healthcare professionals.

Keywords: eating disorder; anorexia nervosa; survival; positive psychology; narrative research



*Corresponding Author